India Gospel League

India Gospel League

India Gospel League (IGL), headquartered in Southern India, is an indigenous, Bible-centered ministry that leads with the gospel in rural villages across South Asia through indigenous church planting and evangelism efforts followed by holistic and compassionate care like skills and literacy training, clean water and medical care. The following was written by Kris McVaney,  with the India Gospel League, for this year's On Mission magazine.


"India Gospel League (IGL) is led by indigenous believers on the ground in South Asia. We lead with the gospel and focus on unreached remote villages where poverty is high, literacy is low, and opportunities are scarce. All ministry areas are developed for long-term sustainability.

Vishaswamma has a real passion for sharing the gospel and has even planted a church, which is now flourishing! She goes door-to-door in her rural village, sharing the gospel and taking food to those who have nothing to eat. Reaching out to non-believers is something she does regularly and with bold love. And though persecution of Christians is a real threat, Vishaswamma is determined to share the gospel even with those who might oppose her.

Prabhavathi lost her oldest daughter and then for two years experienced significant memory loss. Five years later, she lost her husband. With great loss came deep growth. In 2003, she connected with India Gospel League. Now at age 65 she travels, ministering to women. She says, “I am always asking the Lord, ‘What can I do to continue spreading the gospel?’ In my daughter’s village we went from three women believers to 25. I have learned how to minister among women and Hindu people and how to approach the women all because of a woman named Prati, who has encouraged and discipled me.”

Pushpalatha is an older woman with many challenges and has struggled to see herself as useful. She has often thought she would be better off dead. This past year she attended a women’s conference. While there, God spoke to her and told her that she is to minister to and lead women. She returned home with hope and a clear purpose. She now confidently shares the gospel and disciples women in her village.

All three of these women are part of Women with a Mission (WWM), a movement started by India Gospel League in 1998. Their goal is to mobilize 100,000 women by 2020 for evangelism, leadership and church planting. More than 60,000 women have committed to preaching the gospel and discipling younger women. These women play an integral part in the church, using their gifts as they work alongside local pastors.

Traditionally the Indian culture has viewed women as second-class citizens. Nearly half of India's girls are married off before age 18 and many are subjected to domestic violence. Understandably, the majority struggle with a deep sense of despair. But as women hear the gospel and are being discipled, they begin to see themselves the way God sees them. They grow to become strong vibrant leaders sent out as the living gospel—speaking like Christ, walking like Christ, and telling others about Christ. And these women with a mission are making an impact in India, one disciple at a time."

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