Mission of Hope: Haiti

Mission of Hope: Haiti

As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope: Haiti exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti by focusing on four key areas: healthy churches, healthy people, a healthy economy, and healthy schools. The following story was written by Lauren, with MOH. 


"Meet Francesca and her husband, Juan Pablo, who deeply value biblical hospitality and exemplify it through their ministry and partnership with Mission of Hope in the Dominican Republic. She and her husband have a deep understanding of how to love God, His Church, and the world.


Francesca and Juan Pablo did not have to live in the community of Ascension, but they felt the call of the Lord to move there and dedicate their lives to the youth of the community. She noticed that many of the older teenagers and young adults were no longer attending church, so she knew there was a need present. Francesca and her family have a deep passion for the youth and have dedicated their time and energy toward reaching that specific demographic with the gospel. 


Mission of Hope has been able to send mobilization teams to serve alongside their church—encouraging and helping them reach the youth of their community through construction projects, programs, and building meaningful relationships. Each team that serves alongside Francesca’s church in the community of Ascension is met with selfless hospitality. Francesca has faithfully provided a home-cooked meal each day for the teams working alongside her. When asked why she chooses to cook a meal for the teams, Francesca responds, “We are family.” This extra act of hospitality shines a light on her desire to know her community and meet its needs through the gospel. 


A healthy church knows their community. They are committed to and are aware of the needs of their community. Pastor Francesca and Juan Pablo know their community and go above and beyond to extend the same biblical hospitality to their neighbors.


All across the world—from Haiti, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Dominican Republic, and the United States—Mission of Hope desires to see healthy churches raised up to reach their communities with the life transformation of the gospel. Francesca is a great example of taking the commandment of loving others and serving others selflessly with great seriousness.  Please join us in praying for Pastor Francesca and Juan Pablo as they proclaim the hope of the gospel to those in their community of Ascension."


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