Students Raise Money to Fight Sex Trafficking

If there's one thing we all know as proud Buffalonians it's that not all pizza is created equal. Bocce's, Franco's, Picasso's and Pizza Works all have their unique culinary take on our favorite food, and regardless of who wins the argument and gets to choose where we order, no one's really disappointed because it's pizza. One name you don't hear tossed around much when deciding where to get your pizza is Thomas' but that's where Christa and I get most of our pizza. Thomas' English Muffin pizza's are our “go-to” Tuesday night dinner and I'm not going to lie, sometimes it's kinda brutal. I know every time we make them that if I've tasted better pizza within the week I'm going to feel betrayed and Thomas' English Muffin pizza's will go down like toaster-oven taste bud treason. But, I've learned to love them because they usually mean that Christa and I are rushing out the door to get back to church to rehearse for Vintage.

Over the past few years Vintage has meant a lot to us. Like a lot of couples Christa and I have met, their first date was at a similar college-ministry environment and leading there reminds us of where we've been and makes us grateful for the opportunity to be a part of creating that kind of environment for others. Beyond sentimentality and nostalgia though, we've honestly more often been overwhelmed and blown away by the hearts of the folks we serve and those we serve with on any given Tuesday night. Music is an intimate experience and sharing it with others is more of a gift now than ever. I feel like I've seen that play out firsthand in the relationships that have grown in our Vintage band. Somewhere in between rehearsing together, packing into a giant red van (affectionately named ‘Van Burgundy') to ride to Starbucks together, leading worship, and screaming at each other in our living room while playing Catchphrase, God's given those of us in the Vintage band the privilege of growing close to each other and I think it shows in the music and the songs we've been able to share with one another.

A few weeks ago we added a 400-voice choir to the Vintage band and recorded eight original songs that have been shaped and inspired by what God's doing in our hearts every Tuesday night. As a ministry we've committed to sell that recording to raise money in support of Agape International and their fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia. Eight songs, 400 voices, $10 a CD, to help end the spiritual, emotional, and physical suffering of hundreds of young girls. God, help us.

It feels like David and Goliath sometimes; but I have to remind myself that David was a songwriter and a musician too. I struggle sometimes to believe that something as subjective and intangible as music can make a difference. It feels too indirect. It feels like an underdog effort. But, I'm trusting God to use these songs and use this record like a sling and a stone.

The Victory Campaign is in full swing right now on Tuesday nights. E-groups are meeting to plan fundraisers for Agape International and we're asking God to use all we are to change lives for His glory as Agape rescues girls in Cambodia. Be a part of it. Pre-order our record ‘Victorious' at and help God use us for His glory.

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Subject: Students Raise Money to Fight Sex Trafficking

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