What did God do when He saved you? In order to understand the depths of God’s grace, we have to first realize that God is the initiator of salvation. We are the recipients of God’s grace, and that changes everything about how we live.


Part 1 • July 5, 2015 • Pastor Jonathan Drake

Redeemed people know how to live because they live for their Redeemer and their Redeemer lives in them.


Part 2 • July 12, 2015 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

The depth of our forgiveness will determine the depth of our love.


Part 3 • July 19, 2015 • Brad Johnson

We are all creations of God, but we become children of God when we put our faith in Christ.


Part 4 • July 26, 2015 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Christ has set us free from slavery to sin so that we can be slaves to love.

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