Part 1

Stories Jesus Told

Pastor Wes Aarum - August 9, 2020
  1. Have someone in your group provide a brief, 2-minute summary of Sunday’s teaching. 

  1. What do people in our culture use to try and fill in the blank: _______ = Life? Why do you think they choose that? What have you tried to use to fill in the blank? What was the result? 

  1. Read through Psalm 16 as a group and together point out everything that David says about God: who He is and what He does & supplies. In what ways does this confirm that God is the only One who can fill in that blank? (God = Life) 

  1. How can we daily put and keep God in that place in our lives? 

  1. What should it look like in our lives (at home, school, work, shopping, being with friends, etc.) when we put God there? 

  1. What is one thing God spoke to you about that He wants you to act on?  


Sermon Transcript

Good morning, my name is Wes and I have the privilege of sharing God's truth with you today. The Bible tells us in Acts 17 that God has set the exact time and places for us so that we can reach out to him. What that means for us is that God has crafted this moment especially for you to be able to reach out and connect with him. No matter where you are here in the auditorium or watching it online, God has chosen and crafted this moment so that you can connect to him because he has something personally he wants to say to you. Jesus said it this way, for everyone who seeks finds, there's a direct connection. If you want to find you got to seek, what does that mean? You lean in to God, say God, I want to hear from you today, I want to seek you, I want to know what you have for me today. That's what I've been praying for us. 
So I've been praying for me and for you, that that would happen as we spend time together today even though it's brief, but significant time around God's word. I'm going to ask you to pray that for you and ask God to speak to you today. I'm going to invite you in this room and online if you just bow your heads, if you would just right where you are and just silently, just pray that out to God. Say God, I want to hear from you today. Speak to me, I will listen, I will respond. Heavenly father we bow before you in this moment and we acknowledge that you are the king. You are the one with the words of life that we need to hear. Lord I pray that by your spirit you would open our eyes that we might see wonderful things from your law Christ, wonderful things from your word. 
And God do in our lives what you want to do and you get all the glory because you alone are worthy. We pray this in your name Jesus, amen. So we're going to be in Luke chapter 12, Luke chapter 12 it's a story that we're going to be looking at today. So if you want to grab that in your Bible, on your electronic device that would be super helpful because we're going to reference it several times. So let me paint the picture for us. So Jesus is here teaching and I mean it is packed, that place is jammed, right? It's standing room only. Earlier in that chapter Luke tells us that there were thousands of people there. That's not unusual because wherever Jesus went he was always followed by the crowd. I mean, he did things no one else has ever done. He spoke in ways no one else has ever spoken. 
And so it's not surprising that he would find himself surrounded by literally thousands of people. And there was a hush on that crowd because no one wanted to miss a word of what the master teacher was saying. And while Jesus was speaking there was a commotion in the middle of the crowd and all of a sudden it got closer and closer until it burst right in front of Jesus, right through the crowd. It was a guy, face flushed, eyes steady on Jesus. Man, he's out of breath from elbowing his way through the crowd and finally he blurts out teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. Now Jesus has never bullied, he was never strong armed into a position he didn't want to be, he was never yelled into a corner. Now, he pivots and he turns a moment of intrusion into a moment of instruction. He says watch out, be on your guard against all kinds of greed because a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. And then he tells this story to illustrate his point.
Tells a story about a rich man, a rich man who was a farmer. Now, I can imagine he didn't only start out rich, no, he was probably in early days first one up in the morning, last one to go to bed at night, always looking over his crops, always looking over his equipment, always trying to scheme and figure out how can I squeeze one more bushel of grain out of my crops. Well, it paid off because over time he became very, very wealthy and the guy who used to put calluses on his own hands, now could pay to put them on somebody else's hands and he did, but he had a problem. He had too much stuff, what was he going to do? It's interesting to me that nowhere in the narrative has ever occurred to him that maybe he could give some of it away and help somebody else out. Now he says I know what I'm going to do until he lays out this blueprint. 
He goes, this is it right here, I'm going to tear down my old barns, I'm going to build bigger barns and put all my stuff in the new barns, yes, that's the plan and I'm going to be able to sit back and say be at ease, take it easy man. Eat, drink, be merry, this is what it's all about. He is the envy of all of his neighbors. I mean in their eyes he was the epitome of good planning and hard work, in their eyes, not in the eyes of God. In the eyes of God he was a fool. He was a fool because he had prepared for every season of his life, he had prepared for every harvest in his life except for the most important one and that one would come that night. Under the cover of darkness, death slipped in without even a whisper of a warning and when one final grim reaping, the rich man was gone and not 1 cent of his wealth went with him, such poor state planning. 
I mean, he gathered everything into his barns except for what was most important, what life was really all about it, it wasn't about stuff, it wasn't about possessions, it wasn't even about enjoyment of those possessions. Life, Jesus explained was about relationship with God, about knowing God, about leaning in his direction, about following him, about knowing him, about being rich and surrendered to God. That's what it is about. And so as Jesus told the story and people were listening, it's so sad that man couldn't have been in the crowd that day to hear Jesus teach on that subject. But would he have heard anyway? Would he have really have had him? Because I mean how many times do we sit here in these seats and we hear amazing truth and yet it just kind of goes right by us, we don't really hear it. Would he have heard? We don't know. 
Here's the one thing we do know, that story that Jesus told that day was not only a stark reality check for the people there, it's a stark reality check for us right here and right now and Jesus accentuates that story with climactic statement. This is how it will be for everyone who stores up things for themselves and is not rich towards God. In the story to set it up, Jesus said a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. You know why that's so powerful to us today, why that's such a powerful truth for us here, because we live in a culture that says the exact opposite. We live in a culture that screams the exact opposite. A culture that says listen, if you want to feel important, you want to be valuable, you want to be significant, then you got to have this and this and this and this and this, right? We know that. 
I mean, you don't have to look any farther than commercials, let's just be honest. Commercials sell you dissatisfaction, otherwise you wouldn't buy their stuff. If you're happy with your life, you wouldn't buy their stuff, but they sell dissatisfaction. Oh, I need that in order to be happy, you need this, right? They tell you hey, look in the mirror, what, are you kidding me? Look in the mirror, you're a mess, you've got to have some stuff. I mean, let's start with your hair, it needs to be cut and curled and creamed and covered and colored and anything else that starts with a C. You need that for your hair then you can feel good about yourself. Let's move down your face, let's look at your eyebrows. Oh my gosh, those are like two caterpillars above your eyes. You've got to get those things shaved man, you need them trimmed, you need them shaped, you need them colored, then you can feel good about yourself. 
Or how about your eyelashes. Ladies, are you kidding me? Your eyelashes are too short or too stubbly, you've got to put some stuff on them. You've got to get them long and lean, you've got to have them like little fans so when you blink you cool people down around you. Or how about your teeth, man don't... they are not wide enough man, you got to have those babies. They've got to like glow in the dark. When you smile it's got to be like a nuclear explosion, right? Or how about gear? You've got to have the latest gadget, you've got to listen, what do you got? You got a droid? Are you kidding me? Who are you man? What planet do you live? You need like the iPhone 27, that's what you need because it does your taxes and walks your dogs, it's unbelievable, you need that. And you know, come on, let's just be honest. Some of the claims that these commercials make for diet and exercise, are you kidding me right now? Seriously.
Look at Jim, this is Jim, this is before Jim, he was so unhappy but now looking at him, he's lost a hundred pounds, gained 50 pounds of muscle on this amazing new Krispy Kreme diet, look at that, really? And have you ever noticed, maybe it's not true for you, but it's true for me, maybe it's true for you. Have you ever noticed, the later in the evening that you watch commercials, the more appealing they become. Anyone knows that? Like at two in the morning you can't sleep, so you're like oh wow, oh. Oh, I don't have a boat made out of tape, I need one of those. I need two, right? That's crazy. And then you go on your social media platforms and your social media influencers that are really making it big and they got all kinds of stuff and then you got movie stars, the lifestyles of rich and famous and athletes, and all of it is just pumping in subtle ways and not so subtle ways, you need this in order to be successful. 
This is what you need. They're all shouting one equation and if we were to put it in mathematical terms it would look like this, things equal life, right? Things, if you have enough things you have the right things then you're going to experience life. That's what was going on here and the teaching that Jesus was telling us about in the illustration of what was going on with the guy who came to him. Things equal... that was his equation, things equal life. So let me ask an honest question, don't answer it out loud, just answer it in your heart. Have we bought into that? Have we bought into that? Let me put it this way, what gets you more excited? Thought of a dream vacation with all the bells and whistles, or thoughts about going to heaven? Which gets you more excited? A great deal on Amazon or time spent with God and his word? 
The Psalmist tells us it's better as one day in the courts of the Lord than a thousand elsewhere. I mean, think about that for a moment. Think of the best day that you had, or at least a great day. I mean, think of a great day that you've had in your life, where you went to bed at night and your heart was full and you said man, that was awesome. Maybe it was with friends or family, or something you were doing just like this is incredible. You went to bed and go that was awesome. Now I want you to take that day, multiply it by a thousand, imagine that, how incredible that would be. The Psalmist says better is one day with God, than all of that, better. Can you imagine how awesome God must be? How amazing he must be? How life giving and joy and fused he must be. 
Do we believe it? Do we believe it? So Wes, buddy, you're getting a little too legalistic here. Hey, actually I'm not, I'm just trying to be real for you and for me too. I mean, it's not rocket science man, it's pretty clear either God is our treasure or he's not. Either he's the one we want above everything else or something else is what we want. And if something else is what we want, then we bought in, then we bought into that. We have bought in to that equation and often this equation things equal life, our desire for things actually masks a deeper issue, a deeper core question that each of us is longing and searching to find the answer to and it says right here. What do I need in order to be enough? What do I need in order to be enough, in order to feel loved, in order to feel valued? What am I chasing after to get that in my life? 
Or to put it in the terms of our equation, what am I filling this blank in with? We're all filling in with something, every one of us is putting something in here. What are we putting in here? What do we believe actually, this life. Well, that's something we've got to pay attention to, something God wants us to pay attention to. And Jesus in this story came against this guy's wrong equation with blazing truth. He says watch out, be on your guard, it's like he's waving verbal red flags going hey, pay attention man, this is important. Watch out, be on your guard against, that word against means to draw a line in the sand and you're taking your stance and you're not letting anything come against you. You're like right here man, watch out, be on your guard against what? What are you taking a stand against? All kinds of greed. 
Greed is the desire for more that is fueled by a belief that something other than God can satisfy our souls. That's what greed is. It's a desire for more, fueled by a belief that something other than God can satisfy our lives, can provide life for us. And it's all kinds of greed, which means manifest itself in all different forms, right? This is nothing new, it's nothing new, it's been going on for a long time. One example is in the Old Testament, God got ahold of one of his prophets. Jeremiah says, I want you to give a message to my people because they've got some serious stuff going on in their life. It says this, my people have committed two sins, two, they have forsaken me the spring of living water, sin number one and have dug their own cisterns. 
Broken cisterns are wells that cannot hold water, sin number two, sin number two. They said no God, we don't think you can satisfy us, we're going to go over here. You may have seen this illustration before but man it's so powerful and so much is at stake when you use it again, because what these people in essence do what God's people did, say no, thanks God, I don't think you can supply a life. They picked up the shovel and then went digging for life on their own and they dug and they dug and they dug and they dug and they dug and they dug, and at the end of it they look down and there's no water. There's no life because the cisterns are broken, they can't hold water. So let me ask you, where are you digging today? Where are you digging? Some of you maybe you're actually digging it, the well of things. 
Man, if I just have enough money, if I just get enough stuff then man I'll feel good about myself. I'll make my life happy and this'll be great and you dig and you dig and you dig and you get a lot of stuff, but when you look down there's no water. Or maybe for you, you're digging at the well of relationships. Man, if I just get that right guy, that right girl, if I just get married, oh man then I will have somebody who cares about me and it'll be awesome. I'll be great and this will make me feel valuable, but you look down and there's no water. Maybe for you it's... the well of performance. Man if I can just be performance oriented and I can get the job done and people will applaud me and they'll think I'm great, man they will affirm me and boy I'll feel important and I'll feel valuable and that'll make me happy and that's what life is all about. 
Man, you spend a lot of hours and a lot of time digging, but you look down and there's no water. Or maybe for you, you're digging at the well of pleasure. You're digging into the well of porn. Statistics on porn are tragic and awful and you know there's very little difference between someone who calls themselves a Christian and someone who doesn't in terms of their use and the amount of porn they watch and science tells us now how they figured out how porn just rewires our brain and will steal the ability from us to enjoy a real intimate relationship. I used to work with college students and one of the lies that they believed is hey, as soon as they say I do and I get in that great relationship, I get married, all that stuff just goes away. It doesn't because you've cultivated a desire for the forbidden. It just doesn't go away. 
And maybe for you man, the first time you shot that shovel down and into that sand and you clicked on that image and a shot of adrenaline and dopamine just course through your body and it felt good but after you go, man, that's not smart and you knew it. Like man, I'm not going to do that, you promised yourself you wouldn't do it, but you did do it. You did it again, again, then you started to justify it. Hey, it's not that big of a deal, everybody does it, it won't hurt me and you know what? I'm tired or my relationships aren't working out and this is okay, so I can just keep doing this and man, it won't master me. I can stop anytime I want, I can stop anytime I want, I can be free anytime I want. One of the interesting things about the word cistern in Jeremiah two, Hebrews, the Hebrew can also be translated dungeon, can also be translated dungeon.
Or maybe for you, you're digging at the well of you, you're just digging into well of you. Man, nobody's going to tell me what to do, I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to get the life I want so I'm going to just do it and nobody's going to be in my way and I'm going to do it and you just dig and you dig and you dig and you look down and when you're done, you know what? There's no water there and there never ever will be, why? Because it's broken cisterns that cannot hold water. Not will not hold water, cannot hold water, they can't. Dig all you want, it's not there, they can't hold water. They can't hold life. So what do you do? And listen man, maybe this is you, I'm saying this and you're like man, this is hitting home. 
I understand that because you know, I know I'm supposed to be over here with God, the spring of living water but sometimes if I'm honest, days are tough, my emotions are all over the place. I can subtly move in this direction to think hey, this is what I really need over here, this is what will really make me happy and brothers and sisters it's death, man it is death. So what do we do? I'll tell you what we don't do. We don't try to fix it ourselves and cover it up ourselves and fill in the holes ourself. You know what we do? We do drop our shovel and we run back to God the source of living water. It's called repentance not regret. Regret is hey, I'm sorry this happened. Regret will keep you right here and you'll feel bad and you'll say you feel bad and you may even cry some tears, but it'll never move you anywhere. 
Regret will not change your story, it won't move your narrative, only repentance will because repentance always involves actions. Repentance is like man, that's wrong about face, put it to your back and go God I'm moving in your direction man. That's what repentance is. It'll free you, it moves you in the right directions to God, the source of living water. And listen to one of these amazing promises in Acts 3:19, amazing promise - repent then and turn to God, why? So that God can beat you up and make you feel bad about what you didn't know, so that your sins may be wiped out and times of refreshing may come from the Lord. You will experience forgiveness and times of refreshing will come from the Lord. 
Isn't that an incredible image? Wouldn't you want to just live under times of refreshing, that is what God wants for you. That is why this is the only equation that will work, God equals life. That's the only equation that will work. That's the only one that can fit in that slot right there, God equals life. Jesus put it this way in John 17, look what he says he says now this is eternal life, real life that never ends, it's eternal. That they may know you, not know about you but they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Why Jesus? Because we're separated from God. We're sinners, we come into this world sinners, sinners by birth, sinners by choice. We're separated from God and if nothing changes in our lives, when we step off this planet into eternity we're going to be separated from him forever in a place of justice and judgment called hell paying for our sin. 
But that is not what God wants for us and so he comes after us, he makes a move towards us. He says, I'm going to launch a rescue mission for you. I'm going to send my son to pay the price that you should be paying, Wes I'm going to let Jesus pay the praise for you for your sin. And so Jesus came and lived the perfect life, he died on the cross, he took our sins, the payment is death, he took it on himself. He took the wrath of God that I deserve, that you deserve, he took it on himself. He died, was buried, three days later rose from the grave, seen by hundreds of witnesses and ascends to the father, comes to you and to me through his word and offers us eternal life. John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever... wide open, whoever believes in him not believes about him, believes in him will not perish, but will have eternal life. 
Eternal life is a relationship with God, it's a home in heaven, it begins the moment we invite Christ into our lives and forgive us our sins and to entrust our lives to him. And one of the things that happens is that you begin to know God because that is why Jesus came so that you could be reconciled to God, so that you could be connected to God, so that you could know him. And one of the billions of reasons that it's so awesome to know God is that you'll never get to the bottom of him. He's infinite, you and I we are finite, which means there's always going to be something more to experience and to learn about God. Your relationship with God never has to grow stale if you don't want it to, why? Because God is... there's always more of him. 
There's always more of his love to soak in. There's always more of his grace to be overwhelmed by, always more of his power to be on by, always more of his majesty to be stunned by. God is always more. He's always more so as you get to know him there's always more of him to know and to experience. That's what he wants for you. That's what he wants for you. And Jesus tells us what's at stake man. He tells us what's at stake in this story, verse 20. He says this, but God said to him, you fool, this very night your life will be demanded from you, then who will get what you have prepared for yourself? Jesus gives us the perspective that we need, it's an eternal perspective. Jesus says there is a forever coming and you are going to be in it, are you ready? 
There is an eternity coming that you are going to step into, then what? Do you know God? I know about him, but do you know him? How are you feeling in that equation? How are you filling this in? You're filling it in with something that every one of us is, how are you filling that in? Listen, the only one that works there is God and by the it's the only one you truly want. You actually truly want whether you realize it or not, you do, how do I know that? Because of this, no one banks their life on something that will fail them in the end, no one. No one says hey man, I'm going to make my life all about something that ultimately in the end will let me down, will leave me empty, will leave me bare, covered with despair. Nobody does that. 
But if you try to put anything in that blank other than God, then that's exactly what's going to happen, why? Because everything else you could put in there is temporary and changeable and it will let you down. If you try to put something else in that blank other than God and say hey, this is going to be life for me. Then one day you will wake up and your reason for living will be gone. It'll be gone because only God doesn't change, only God is eternal. Only he can bear the weight of your soul and fill it, only he can do that. So how about you? When you step off this planet, all the things that the world uses to make value judgments about your life is going to be gone and the only thing that's going to matter then is the only thing that really matters now, is where are you and your relationship with God. 
That's why Jesus said right here at the end, this is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich towards God. Is not rich towards God, that's the plan, that's the move, to be rich towards God. What does that mean? It means to be surrendered to him, say Lord here, I know that everything I have is from you and you love me, you sacrificed your son for me. You've got a plan for my life, are you kidding? And you put in breath in my lungs, here, you're going to take me to be with you forever in a place so spectacular, Jesus on the cross even called it paradise here, here. If I was to put it in the form of a prayer, I would put it this way. Lord, whatever it is that you want for my life I want for my life. It's being rich towards God, whatever it is you want from my life I want for my life. 
He's the source of life, that's why this is the only equation that works. God is the only one that can equal life. So is that your equation? I mean really? Is he your treasure? Is he the one you want more than anything else or anyone else? Is it? I want to say one final thing to the person that's here watching online and you're like you know what I see that. Man, I want it to be like that, but it's not. I've tried that man, but it didn't work. I tried following God and then the roof caved in on me and I cried out to God and he didn't do anything. I asked him to fix it and he was silent. I want that to be true man but it doesn't feel true, it doesn't seem true, it doesn't look true in my life. I just don't think it's real for me man, I just don't think it's real. 
Can I tell you I understand. I do. I got choked up in the nine, I promise myself I wouldn't do it at the eleven. Okay. Here we go. This year has been a really, really hard year for me, for me and my family, there's several reasons for that. Not the least of which is a few months ago I lost my dad to cancer. Went so fast, so fast and when you're in that place and it's dark and you're just like God, where are you man? And you can't see any light, and that certainly doesn't seem real, it certainly doesn't feel real. What do you do? Let me tell you what you do. You go to God and you just unload. You go to him and you just gut it all right out. I mean, you just pour it all right out. You yell, you cry, you weep, you scream, you get raw, you get real, you just let your emotions rip you... you just unload everything on the table to God. 
You know why? Because he told us to do it, in Psalm 62:8 he says pour out your heart to me, pour out your heart. So you do that, you pour it all out to God because you know what? Even though you might be yelling and you might be God where are you? You're still going to the right spot man. You are still going to the right place and when you've unburdened yourself and you just laid it all out before God, and the dust starts to settle and your tears are still wet on your face, two things will be true. One, if you're still breathing it's because God says I've got a plan for your life. I am the one who gives life and I've got a plan for you. Psalm 139 says all the days ordained for me were written in your book before any of them came to be. 
That means God says, I know how many days you have and I'm giving them to you and if you're still breathing it means because I've got a plan for you and I love you, and I'm at work and you may not be able to feel it and you may not be able to see it right now here in this moment, but I can guarantee you I'm at work and I've got a plan for you and I'm not giving up on you and that will give you real hope. That's one. Second thing that is true, is that God is still there. He's still there. Psalm 102:26 says they shall perish, but you remain. He's still there. You can't chase him away, you can't shout him away. You can't scare him away, he's still there. He welcomes all of it. Read the Psalms man, he welcomed all of it and he'll still be there and his word will still be true. 
Hebrews 13, five and six says I'll never leave you, I'll never forsake you. I'll never leave you. I'll never forsake you. That means he's never going to look at you and go, you know what? I'm done with you man, I can't believe you'd act this way, I can't believe you'd say this thing. I can't believe you'd doubt me like this, I can't believe any of that after all I've done for you, I'm done with you. He's not going to do that. In fact, the one word as a believer, the one word you'll never hear from God, goodbye, you'll never hear. I'm here. I'm right here, so lean into me because it's real. It is, he is and you'll find that he's good, and he won't answer all your questions probably. But the reality is that's not what you need the most, you need his presence. 
And when you feel like you're just barely holding on, the words of John 10 from Jesus himself will be an unbelievable comfort when he says, as you read it and you replay it and you make it your own. Jesus said when you come to me, he says I put you in my hand and no one can take you out. The father who is greater than me put you in his hand and no one can snatch you from his hand. You know what that means? It's not about how strong you're holding onto him, it's about how strong he's holding onto you. That's what's real, that's what real. So where are you at man? How are you filling in that blank? God equals life, is that you? Where are you digging? Somebody here, man you're digging in the wrong spot, you know it. Some of you, you're in a wrong relationship, you know that, you need to get out of that. 
Some of you, you're going to the wrong spot. You're looking at the wrong stuff, you're doing the wrong things and you've justified it and God, the Holy spirit is grabbing ahold... stop it man, stop wasting time here. There's nothing here, it's empty, it's barren, it's death, stop it. Repent and return to me God says, I am the source of your life. Some of you need to repent today. Some of you, you're like you're over here man and you're leaning into God, you need to lean in more. God is calling you today to lean in more because God is always more and he wants to take you deeper with him. He wants to draw you in deeper, he wants to tell you more things about himself. He wants you to experience more things, bought his heart for you because he's your father. 
He says don't be satisfied with drive-bys, lean in, spend more time with me, find that the Psalmist truth is better in me than thousands elsewhere. Some of you are in this spot right here and you want to be here. I mean you want to be here, but you're like Wes it's just, it's hard man and just like I want that, but just I'm struggling. Hey, then start there, start with that prayer. God, I want to want you. I want to want you, start there, God will honor that. He will honor that move. Finally, some of you need to repent and invite Christ into your life. Some of you need to meet God for the first time, because if you die today you wouldn't make heaven. You don't have eternal life, you know about him but you don't know him. 
You're this rich guy right here that Jesus is talking about. If you died you wouldn't make heaven. Can I tell you if that's you? That's exactly why God brought you here today. Why he put you in front of that screen because he wants you to know him. He wants you to know him and you can. But you've got to choose it, you've got to choose him. How you filling that in man? Does God equal life? Is that your equation? It can be. That's your choice. Let's pray. With your heads bowed and your eyes closed and no one looking around and again thank you, and thanks for being gracious with me, super grateful. But what has God talked to you about and what do you need to do about it? What has the spirit of God spoken to your heart about and what do you need to do about it man? Don't let it sit there. 
He speaks to you for a reason because he wants to draw you to himself. He wants you to move in his direction. He wants you to run away from that which would destroy you. If you're here and you're a believer and you know there's an area that God's put his finger on, you need to repent and tell him that right now. Just tell him that man, and the silence of this moment, tell him that. Some of you, you need to acknowledge that God's not the biggest thing in your life. I mean, you need to get that right and allow him to be that for you. He is always more. Last question, if you're here and you've never invited Christ into your life, then you're not going to make heaven, I didn't say that, God did, Jesus did. But he wants you to know him. He wants to forgive you your sins. He wants to move into your life. 
He wants to give you eternal life, a home in heaven, real life. It starts the moment you give your life to him. Man, if that's you and you know it's you, because it's just like someone's putting their finger right in the middle of your chest going man, this is you. That's not me, I don't have that power, that's God. So if you want that relationship with Jesus then tell him, in the silence of this moment, right where you're at, just tell him. Say Wes I'm not sure what to say then let me give you some words that'll help you. Somebody loved me enough one day to give me some words, let me give you some. Silently mean these words as your own, they're not magic. Just make them your own. Say something like this. Dear Jesus, I'm a sinner, I need a savior, I know I can't save myself. I believe Jesus died for me, that he paid for my sin. His life to give me relationship with you, man I want that. So right now I turn from my sin. I repent, don't want it anymore and I'm turning to you. Jesus come into my life. I believe in you and I'm all yours. Save me, I'm all yours. Heads bowed, eyes closed, no one looking around but if you just prayed that prayer and you meant it, I want to pray for you because somebody prayed for me when I made this decision, it was so powerful. I want to pray for you, not by name, but I just want to pray for you. So here's how I want you to this. If you just prayed it and you meant it, with no one looking around, but me, I just want you to raise your hand nice and high so I can see it because I want to remember you in a closing prayer. That's it. God bless you, man I see you. Awesome. Thank you. Anybody else? Wes here's my hand, nice and high. I see it. I see it up there. Thank you. Awesome man. 
I remember this moment in my life, so powerful. Now can you put your hands down. God, I only see hands, you see hearts, you know what's going on, make it real in their lives Jesus. Help them to know if they have made business with you, you've made business with them. Thank you Christ. In your name we pray, amen.

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