Why Parenting

Why Before What

Pastor Jerry Gillis - February 21, 2021

Community Group Study Notes

1. Have someone in your group provide a brief, 2-minute summary of Sunday’s teaching.
2. What was one thing that God was showing you through this message?
3. What does it look like for parenting to be centered on disciple-making? How can this “why” for parenting easily get lost in the “what” and the “how”?
4. Talk through each of the principles listed in Sunday’s teaching. If you are a parent (regardless of your child’s age) how can you best implement these principles into your parenting? If you’re not a parent, how can you (a) encourage the parents in your circle of influence toward these things, and (b) implement these principles in how you influence others in their discipleship?
5. What is one action step that you can take in light of Sunday’s message and our conversation today?


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