Heather Quinn

For Heather Quinn, 2008 was a year that brought a major decision in her life, as a result of many wrong relationships “I'd dated a lot and almost got married to the wrong person – twice! I had given my heart and body away in the wrong type of relationship and it was time for me to mend my heart and purify my body.” So, she prayerfully made the decision to be single. “This meant I wouldn't date, have a boyfriend, or even think about it for a year,” Heather said. Despite the expected, shocked reactions by many, she had great support and knew God was with her. “I believe God removed the desire to date so I could focus on other things.”

After beginning her walk with God, Heather’s view of herself and relationships changed. She sought forgiveness through fasting and prayer, and reconciliation in her past relationships. Heather fell in love with Jesus, and it’s a love she continues to build by studying the Bible, attending church, and being involved in a Christian young adults group. “What was supposed to be a year turned into two, then three, four…and now, seven! I've loved each moment of every year and am so blessed to have had this time to find myself and focus on my relationship with God.”

For some unmarried adults, being single is not by choice and the desire to be married remains strong. Heather is sensitive to that reality and hopes her story will be encouraging to them as well. “The Bible refers to singleness as a gift, which can be defined as a present or a natural ability or talent. Both definitions carry a positive connotation and that is very encouraging!”

Heather is thankful for the truth God's word has given her in this season of life. “I've embraced singleness and been able to live in contentment. It hasn't always been easy. But as I reflect, I see God's provision in making this a positive experience.”

Through her relationship with Jesus, Heather has found her identity as a woman of value, loved by God. “I have something unique to offer to society – something no one else can.” Though they are equally valued and loved by God, each person is given different and unique talents. These gifts are designed to glorify God as they are used to benefit others.

As a nurse practitioner, Heather has been able to experience the joy of committing herself to God first, and she has had the opportunity to engage the community and make it better through her service to God. “In my job, I get to help people with their physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. Over the years I've built relationships with my patients and had opportunities to speak into their lives. I’ve prayed with them, watched God answer prayers, and witnessed people making healthy lifestyle choices.”

Heather has also carried these gifts and talents into the church, serving as a coach/mentor in the young adult ministry. “I'm using my past and present experiences to serve God and help others, becoming involved with them in something bigger than myself.” This experience has been deep, meaningful, and extremely fulfilling as she has built new and encouraging relationships.

What started as a vow to put God first has flourished into an active life marked by freedom, service, and an increase in physical and emotional health. Through using her gifts – especially the gift of being single – Heather has been able to embrace the life God designed and equipped her to live. No one knows how long any season of life will last, so Heather encourages others to live life well and focus on what’s good, right, and true.

“I'm seeking God first and being faithful in doing what God's called me to do. Over the past year the desire to be married has come back to my heart. But that desire hasn't been met yet, so I enjoy and embrace my singleness. I'm waiting on God's timing, having fun, putting others first, and living out my passions using the gifts and talents God has given me. This truly is God's redemption and grace being played out in my life.”

Photos by Colin Carey

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