Community Group Study Notes

  1. Read Psalm 1:1-6 as a group. Have someone summarize this Scripture passage, and then give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the main idea of the message.

  2. How did this message strengthen and/or correct your previous ideas about habits and the Word of God? Was there anything you heard for the first time or that caught your attention, challenged, or confused you? Did you learn anything new about God or yourself this week?

  3. What habits do you have in place to help you grow spiritually?  

  4. Interact with this statement: “Meditation is not about emptying our minds, but in filling them with the words of God.” What are you allowing to fill your mind? 

  5. Why is it important to develop the habit of reading and studying the word of God? What are some benefits you have personally experienced or observed in others from studying the Word of God?

  6. What challenges or obstacles do you face when trying to consistently read and study the Bible? How do you overcome these challenges?

  7. How can you incorporate Bible reading and study into your daily routine? What practical steps can you take to make it a consistent habit?

  8. Discuss ways to keep your Bible reading and study habit fresh and engaging. 

    • What can you do to avoid it feeling like an obligation, rather than a means by which we are “watering the garden of our heart and strengthening the root system of our trust in God”?

  9. What action step do you need to take in response to this week’s message? How can your group hold you accountable to this step?


Action Step

Commit to practicing the Habits of Grace over the next six weeks! Visit for weekly challenges and resources. 

How are you, your friends, and your family currently putting these habits of Grace into practice? We want to hear from you! Share your habits!


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