Serve the Church

If you Want to Be Great

Pastor Jerry Gillis - September 17, 2023

Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture points and the main idea of the message.
  2. How did this message strengthen and/or correct your previous ideas about greatness and serving God? Did you learn anything new about God or yourself this week?
  3. What are your spiritual gifts? How did you discover your gifts? How are you using your gifts to serve the Church? 
  4. What skills do you have, or experiences have you had that you can use to serve the Church? 
  5. Describe a leader in your life who demonstrates humble service. How do they model humble service? 
  6. What action step do you need to take in response to this week’s message? How can your group hold you accountable to this step? 

Action Step

How are you serving the Church? Visit to find ways to serve the Church. 

If you want to learn more about discovering your spiritual gifts, visit

Mobilization Challenge

Have you signed up for serve day? Save the date and commit to serve as a group! You can find more information HERE!

Community Group Discussion Questions & Daily Readings


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