All Israel Will be Saved

God's Choice

Pastor Jerry Gillis - June 12, 2022

Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture passages and main idea of the message. 

  1. How has this message (or this message in combination with any other messages in this series) confirmed and/or corrected your previous ideas about God’s choice? 

  1. How has God been faithful to His promises in your life?  

  1. Do you have any friends, relatives, or acquaintances that are Jewish? How can you live as a humble witness to the gospel of Jesus to specifically reach these individuals?  

  1. What steps have you taken recently to cultivate a heart to share Jesus with people? Consider your time in prayer for those who are lost, time fostering relationships with those who are lost, and time sharing the gospel with those who are lost 

  1. In what ways can you apply today’s message to your life?  


Action Step 

  • This week, spend time journaling your personal witness. Consider the following steps: 

  • Spend time praising God and cultivating a heart of thankfulness:  

  • How has God been faithful to His promises?  

  • How has God been merciful?  

  • Now write your testimony:  

  • What was your life like before you knew and loved Jesus?  

  • How has your life changed since stepping into a saving relationship with Jesus? 

  • What is God doing in your life right now?  

  • Challenge yourself to share your written testimony with one friend this week.  


Mobilization Challenge 

Define mercy. How can you show compassion this week to someone around you? Pray and ask God to give you an opportunity to encourage someone this week who is hurting. Share your experience with your Community Group during your next meeting. 


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