Faith Through the Word of God

God's Choice

Pastor Jerry Gillis - May 22, 2022

Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture passages and main idea of the message. 
  2. How did this message confirm and/or correct your previous ideas about salvation? 
  3. Read Romans 10:9-10. Why is it important that we both believe in our hearts AND confess our faith with our mouths?   
  4. Have you ever struggled to accept God’s grace? Why?  
  5. What is the potential danger of viewing Sunday gatherings as the primary means for your sharing the gospel to friends and family?  
  6. If God is all sovereign and all-powerful, why do we need to share the gospel message?  
  7. Practice sharing the message of Christ. Consider – how would you share the message of Christ with a close friend or family member? How would you share the message of Christ with a coworker, acquaintance, or a stranger at a coffee shop?  
  8. In what ways can you apply today’s message to your life?  

Action Step 

  • Reflect on the first time you believed with your heart and confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. Praise God for the people he used in your life to share of His love and prayerfully commit to be the disciple described in Romans 10:15.  
  • Each morning, pray for one person in your life who has not yet confessed Jesus as Lord. Journal your prayers. Share each name with your group at the next Community Group, and spend time in prayer over the entire list of names. 

Mobilization Challenge 

Choose one of the following challenges:  

  • Tell someone what you believe about who Jesus is and why this is important to you. 
  • Share the prayer you wrote from last week with a family member. 
  • Pick a verse from what was taught on Sunday and share what you learned from it with someone. 


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