The Remnant of Israel

God's Choice

Pastor Jerry Gillis - May 29, 2022

Community Group Study Notes


  1. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture passages and main idea of the message. 

  1. How has this sermon (or this whole series) confirmed and/or corrected your previous ideas about God’s choice? 

  1. Paul used his own existence to demonstrate that God did not reject Israel. How is your own life an example of God’s mercy and grace? Be as specific as possible. 

  1. Read Romans 11:1-6. Do you have any reservations in your heart that God won’t reject or abandon His people? Do you ever struggle to trust God’s purposes? What do you do when you struggle to trust Him? 

  1. Consider your relationships with other believers. In what ways does your life cause jealousy in others for a relationship with God? (Remember to define “jealousy” as it was defined in the message.) Is there anything you say or do in your interactions with others that may prevent them from seeking a relationship with God? If not, why not?  

  1. In what ways can you apply today’s message to your life?  


Action Step 

  • Reflect on this question: Do you believe that the best is yet to come in Jesus? Consider how this influences your relationship with Jesus and the way you live your life now. Write a prayer of reflection on these ideas.  


Mobilization Challenge 


Choose a Serve Challenge. The goal is ultimately to have a relationship-building conversation, not just to perform an act of service. But don’t force a conversation where there isn’t one; focus on being faithful and serving others, and the conversation will come in time.  


Serve Challenges 

  • Mow and Grow: If you see a neighbor’s lawn needs a little TLC, help them out. Pull some weeds, trim the grass, and run your sprinkler generously.  

  • Dirty Jobs: if you’re wheeling back your garbage totes from the curb, wheel back your neighbors’ totes too. If you live in an apartment, offer to take your neighbor’s trash out when you’re heading that way.  

  • Breaking Bread: Invite a neighbor over for a meal, even something simple like hot dogs or hamburgers. If you’re not sure how to start the conversation, say something like: "We've lived here for 5 years, and we've never said more than hi to each other! Let's change that! Our place is a bit crazy, but if you don't mind the mess, join us!" 

  • Food Collection: go door to door, or if you have a neighbor's phone number, tell them you are coming before showing up. Ask for one or two cans of food that they might have in their pantry to take to a local outreach (e.g. City Mission) or food bank. Start a conversation if there is one to be had! 

  • Be creative: how has someone served you in the past? Do that for someone else. Offer to wash a neighbor's car, walk their dog, help with a project they are doing, rake a lawn...whatever you can think of that helps to serve someone. When all else fails, ask! Say something like: “Our church challenged us to spend more time serving others in our community: is there anything I can to help out or be a better neighbor?”  


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